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My interest in stream processing was re-ignited by the excellent project

Pipeline casts the Pipes / Conduit-style of programming in terms of CPS.

Since I have my own special CPS I have plagiarized Pipeline's approach. My goal is to determine how this relates to Orc and then have one module subsume the other (or learn a valuable reason for why not).


A series of tubes

Construction and evaluation

type Series i o t a r = CPS r (Tube i o r t) a Source #

A Series of Tubes is the (delimited) continuation embedding into some base type t :: * -> *. Series may be connected into, well, a series via the (><) operator. When the series finishes evaluating it will result in a value of type r.

deliver :: Monad t => Series i o t r r -> t r Source #

"...deliver[s] vast amounts of information" from a Series of tubes. :)

yield :: o -> Series i o t () r Source #

Yield a value downstream in the Series.

await :: Series i o t i r Source #

Blocking-wait for an upstream value from the Series.

finish :: Monad t => Series i o t () () Source #

A Series which does nothing.

embed :: Monad t => t a -> Series i o t a () Source #

Embeds a value with side effects into an appropriate Series.

type Generator t o = Series Void o t () () Source #

type Async t i = Series i Void t () () Source #

type AsyncGenerator t i o = Series i o t () () Source #


(><) :: forall i e a o t. Monad t => Series i e t () () -> Series e o t () () -> Series i o t a () Source #

Constructs a Series of Tubes.


newtype Tube i o r t a Source #

An intermediate link in the series of tubes.





Instances details
Functor (Tube i o r t) Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Tubes


fmap :: (a -> b) -> Tube i o r t a -> Tube i o r t b Source #

(<$) :: a -> Tube i o r t b -> Tube i o r t a Source #

newtype Source i t r Source #

The head of a stream processing series.




newtype Sink o t r Source #

The reservoir at the end of a stream processing pipeline.




pause :: (() -> Tube i o r t a) -> Source i t r -> Source o t r Source #

A covariant mapping of a 'Source i t r' into 'Source o t r'.

suspend :: (i -> Tube i o r t a) -> Sink o t r -> Sink i t r Source #

A contravariant mapping of a 'Sink o t r' into a 'Sink i t r'.