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Gatlin Johnson

Software developer, pug fanatic.

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I occasionally talk to myself in writing. Currently working on posting more of it here. Mostly going to be computer science essays.

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For the most part people are not curious except about themselves.

John Steinbeck

But enough with the foreplay: @gatlin

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skeletons aren't real.

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I like to touch computers and make them do things! Do you want to trade capital for computer-touching labor? Then check out this totally boss resume of mine and get back to me! More exclamation points!


I've been working on a stream-processing library for Haskell, called tubes. Using two new commands, yield and await, you can write reusable processing units called "tubes" and then connect them into arbitrary series

This style of programming is quite useful in a variety of domains, and part of some long term efforts of mine. The documentation has examples and more information.

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